Sales & Marketing

ensuring our hotels stay at the top of the market

Hegg Hospitality has a depth of sales and marketing talent that provides support to our hotels. We believe that our revenue growth year-after-year is enriched by their expertise and dedication.

We strategically plan our revenue growth at each hotel during our annual planning session and the plan is measured regularly. Our goal is for every hotel to perform above plan every month with the support of the sales and marketing team.

We accomplish this goal with an efficient and targeted sales effort that relies on fostering long-lasting relationships with key clients, in addition to continually gaining new ones. Our services include franchise marketing, selection and implementation of advertising and collateral, developing annual business plans, public relations, and timely reporting.

Direct Sales

  • Identifying, targeting and maintaining top accounts
  • Tracking - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly sales pipeline
  • Ongoing management of sales processes
  • Action planning by account
  • Motivating the sales department
  • Hands-on sales training
  • Getting the most out of your franchise resources

E-Commerce & Social Media

  • Independent website consultation and optimization
  • Utilization of Brand tools to maximize online and social media presence
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Systems developed to address online hotel reputation


  • Competition analysis (STAR report)
  • Customized marketing plans
  • Resources to market during need times
  • Advertising campaigns catered to your market

Revenue Management

  • Rate and inventory management utilizing Brand tools
  • Competition rate positioning
  • Market segment analysis

Front Desk Revenue Optimization

  • Detailed sales process checklists
  • On site training
  • Customized call shop scenarios